Green Solutions for All Your Recycling Needs

Landfill Management

At Oddbin Recyclers, we strive to keep the environment clean through our wide range of services. Our Landfill Management services were designed to simplify the recycling process for residents in Soweto. Contact us today and see how you can contribute to making this world a cleaner place.

Paper Recycling

Since 2018, Oddbin Recyclers has provided a wide range of recycling services at incomparable market rates. Our extensive Paper Recycling services are tailor-made to meet your schedule and budget — and were designed to make the recycling process more efficient. Call us and see how we can help keep the world clean today!

Recycling Pickup

At Oddbin Recyclers, we go out of our way to make sure your recycling process is made easy as possible. Our Recycling Pickup service is designed to simplify all of your recycling needs. Take a look at all the services we offer and get in touch to see how you can start the process today!