Materials Accepted

From Know to Odd Plastic, Post Industrial accepted below

  •  Low-density Polyethylene LDPE - Polyfoam, Aerothene, LD Sheeting, LD injection, LLD Pallet wrap, LD/HD Sheeting

  • High-density Polyethylene HDPE - Injection grade, Sheeting, rotomoulded, bottle HD/LD sheeting

  • Polypropylene PP - Expanded PP ( EPP), Injection Grade, Glass-filled (15%), BOPP Film, BOPP with LD Film, BOPP Metalised Film, Woven and Non-Woven, Spunbond, Blow mould and Roto mould.

  • EPS expanded polystyrene, HIPS High impact polystyrene, GPPS General purpose polystyrene 


  • PVC Polyvinyl chloride, Flex ( printed and plain) Rigid

  • All forms of Electronics- EXCLUDING screens