Our aim and purpose

Oddbin Recyclers was only registered in late 2017 but had its origin back in March 2016, our beginning was humble and small. We started to collect and sell recyclables between buy-back centers. We soon started to see the market gap for all expanded plastic as most buy-back centers and recyclers were either showing it away as an unknown or seeing it as a product not worthwhile recycling due to high volume low mass characteristics.

We started going after large volumes and soon found that we needed to convert the material to raw format as the end-user market was available. We outsourced most of our conversion until January 2017 when we realised with a big letdown from the outsource converters that if we want to grow this market we needed to do everything in-house.

We have since grown and expanded to the following group of plastic, Expanded Polyethylene, Expanded Polyprop, High Impact Polystyrene, General purpose Polystyrene.

Our current name gives you a clue as to our focus and future direction, Odd Recycling.

We currently operate out of Gauteng and process and recycle around 50Ton of the above-mentioned plastic and our aim for the next year is to expand to 120Ton per month with the introduction of another two extrusion lines. We have also started taking in general plastic but in odd forms or unmarked shapes which has also formed an important part of our businesses and future targeted growth.

Our next step is to reduce Odd plastics going to landfill from source, we are shifting our focus to mixed plastic that is 100% discarded in the landfill. We have a strong connection to all major Waste Management companies in Gauteng and hope with all their reach that we can grow the awareness of our items and continues to develop new solutions for the harder recyclable plastics. 

We currently convert and recycle the following items in house and thru partnerships:

Polyfoam, Expanded LD, HD/LD combined sheeting, Polyfoam with HD sheeting, HD sheeting, PP sheeting, EPP (expanded polyprop), EPS (expanded polystyrene), HIPS (high impact styrene), GPPS (general purpose polystyrene), ABS, ABS/PC, ABS/HIPS, Polycarb, PVC rigid, PVC soft, HD pipe grade, PPGF ( polyprop glass-filled), PA12 - Nylon piping, PP cloth(spunbond), Electronic waste - plastic and boards

Our Long term goal is to be the first 100% self-sustainable recycler in South Africa. To make this a reality we have a few workable projects that we are looking into and have available space for collaboration. 

To Be 100% self-sustainable you have to first get off the local grid.

The first step - Get a locally build Pyrolysis Plant (a process of getting fossil fuel back from Rubber, Mixed plastic, dried sludge, and sawdust) We have a fully comprehensive business plan for a plant that can process 24 Tons per day of the above-mentioned material but our focus would be on Mixed plastic and sludge as a start. Two plastics that cannot be processed in the pyrolysis plant are PET and PVC.

With a pyrolysis plant, 100% recycling is achieved in three parts - 1, Oil 2, Carbon black and 3, Gas. The gas generated and some oil will be reused to power the plant.

Second step - BioDiesel conversion plant. This will allow us to make our own renewable diesel for our fleet from oil generated off the Pyrolysis plant. The sludge and waste generated from this process will be dried and reused within the Pyrolysis continuously

Third step - Large generator (1000KvA) installed and factory converted to get off the grid and possibly supply power back into the grid once Eskom has a rebate structure in place.

The above will allow us to be 100% self-sustainable and off-grid, Within the plant, we will also filtrate our water and use the dried sludge from our washing line processing for feedstock into the Pyrolysis plant and all other mixed and unusable items that can generate out of the Pyrolysis plant.