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Here to promote Odd plastic recycling

At Oddbin Recyclers, we are committed to providing environmentally friendly recycling solutions to Gauteng and hopefully other provinces soon. Oddbin Recyclers was founded in 2017 out of pure necessity and drive, our mission is to recycle what others won't and to keep South Africa educated and so hopefully keeping our environment clean. As still a fairly new recycler in South Africa we hope that our drive will inspire more recyclers and consumers to take note of Odd plastics and help with the ever-growing problem of identifying our ever-growing plastics.


Odd Plastic

We recycle what others won't

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What We Do

Paving the Way to a Cleaner World

Landfill Reduction

At Oddbin Recyclers, we strive to keep the environment clean through our wide range of services. Our Landfill Reduction services were designed to simplify the recycling process for the majority of Industrial businesses in Gauteng. Contact us today and see how you can contribute to making this world a cleaner place.

Plastic Recycling

Since 2018, Oddbin Recyclers has provided a wide range of recycling services at incomparable market rates. Our extensive Plastic Recycling services are tailor-made to meet your schedule and budget — and were designed to make the recycling process more efficient. Call us and see how we can help keep the world clean today!

Recycle Your Own Plastic

At Oddbin Recyclers, we make sure your recycling process is made easy as possible. Our Recycling service is designed to simplify all of your recycling needs. Take a look at all the services we offer and get in touch to see how you can start the process today!


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